Discovering God

The pursuit of God drives the earnest seeker to determine the very nature and Personhood of God. These seekers desire to name and label specific characteristics about God in a way to better understand and relate to the Almighty. While there is much to be known through the media by which God has chosen to reveal Himself, we must not forget that there will be certain features of the incomprehensible God that remain mysterious. There are things the world may never know about God; attributes that have not been revealed. Nevertheless, God’s glorious majesty, though sometimes shrouded in mystery, must remain preeminent in the mind of any seeker.

Furthermore, we must be cautious to refrain from compartmentalizing the Lord and His attributes. The glorious God is not composed of various parts, but is one in unity and total in His being. He expresses Himself in complete harmony and in total agreement with all of Himself. Whenever an attribute of God is revealed, it is not something that God does but is something that is of His very nature. All the attributes of God are constantly present and in effect during every act and expression of God.

In our pursuit to discover all that can be known of the incomprehensible God, we must be prepared to be touched by God’s divinity in powerful ways. The attributes of God, as revealed by nature, Scripture, and the Lord Jesus Christ, are able to affect every aspect of our being. As the Christian seeker sees God more clearly he will be able to identify with Him more closely and imitate those features more resoundingly. When we discover something true about God, we also discover a grace that must be reflected to the watching world. When we discern the distinctions between God and man, we also discern the changes that must take place in our life. Any time a discovery about the truth of God is made, there should follow a change in attitude or action that results in greater conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ.  It’s been said that we have read enough Scripture and heard enough preaching to keep us busy for the rest of our lives.  As the Lord guides and directs your discovery of Himself in accordance with the Bible, you must discern how the Lord is leading you to change to be more like Jesus.  Through the Holy Spirit, God will reveal even this unto you (I John 2:27)!

My Prayer for Today:
Heavenly Father,
Thank You for revealing the truth about Yourself to me. Thank You for demonstrating Your power through creation, for illuminating your Word through Your Holy Spirit, and for the exemplary model of the life of Your Son. Give me wisdom today that I might know and appreciate that which is true about You. Help me to discover more of your glorious attributes. Though You are the Majesty beyond my finite comprehension, I pray that You will help me to know you more deeply. As I learn of You, give me grace to accurately portray Your glory through my thoughts, words, and actions so that others may glorify You through me. I pray these things in Jesus’s name. Amen.

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