The Justice of God

The execution of God’s justice should be kept in the perspective of His goodness. God knows precisely what His children need, and in His goodness He extends grace to meet that need. In this case, His children need correction, and that is delivered in the form of justice. In equity He chastises and disciplines His own because it is what is best for them. “God’s compassion flows out of His goodness, and goodness without justice is not goodness.”

Justice is based on moral equity, and God is the standard of morality and ethical conduct. He judges the morality of mankind and determines if one’s actions are in conformity to God’s nature. How, then, is evil permitted to exist if God judges immorality and injustice? First, we must recognize that evil was not created by God neither is God victimized by it. God created all things in purity and declared that the creation was “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Evil is the absence of righteousness. God has permitted the presence of evil because He created mankind with a will to love or to reject Himself. Each person must choose evil or righteousness, but they will not be able to choose the consequences of that choice. Men are punished for evil and rewarded for righteousness. God can take the most heinous evil and create good from it (Romans 8:28). The greatest evil man perpetrated upon God was the brutal murder of the Son of God, which God allowed so as to prepare the propitiation of man’s sins and offer forgiveness through the precious blood of Christ. If God is able to make right out of the greatest wrong, He certainly can right all wrongs perpetrated in anyone’s life. God judges people in righteousness, and justice will be applied to every moral situation experienced by humanity.

As the ills of societal injustice mount, humanity longs to see moral equity prevail. They wait for vengeance to be exacted upon the evil, but they wonder how such deliverance will come. Even Christians struggle to faithfully endure when injustice rears. One must remember that God knows and sees all things, and that vengeance has its place. The place for vengeance is with the Lord, not with people (Romans 12:19). For Christians to leave justice in the hands of God they must put their full faith in Him to bring about the righteous result, which He is more than able to do in His time.

My Prayer for Today:
Heavenly Father,
Thank You, Lord, for Your exercise of justice for my good. Help me to trust in You in patience as I wait to see Your righteous hand upon my situation. Lord, if I have been wronged, I am trusting You to deliver me from the afflictions, and I will allow You to handle the exercise of vengeance. Help me to keep a pure mind that is free from evil speaking and maliciousness toward those who have wronged me. Help me to use the words of my mouth to glorify You rather than slander my persecutor. Help me to yield my hands to You so I do not hurt those who have hurt me. I know that Your plans for me are for good, and not for evil. I pray that your gracious hand would rest upon me as I seek to glorify You despite this wrongdoing. Help me, I pray, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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