The Knowledge of the Holy

Good theology ought to produce the realization of godliness in our life. When the Christian sees God for who He is then the Christian will see himself for who he really is and who he ought to be as a faithful child of God. Growing and maturing in the knowledge of the attributes of God must result in a personal daily revival of worship and celebration of the majesty of God coupled with the purposeful transformation of our spiritual life to more closely resemble the holiness displayed in the life of Christ. The name of God must be glorified in all activities and actions (I Corinthians 10:31). Determine to get to know God more personally. Learn about the Majesty of God, the High and Holy God, the Almighty, the Creator and Sustainer, the “only wise” God who showers all with His goodness, extends mercy to each generation, reigns as the supreme Lover of souls, and who sent His son to die for the sins of the world in order to form an eternal relationship founded upon His mercy, grace, and truth.

The “knowledge of the holy” comes only through study of the Scriptures and the experience of His goodness. Over time and with obedience, we can gain and maintain a sense of awe and wonder when worshipping the Great God and Savior. Forsake the sins that are holding you back from experiencing life in the fullness of the Spirit! Do not become a self-confident worshipper of vanity. Increase God by purposing to decrease self. Allow the heart to be open to God and love Him completely. Commit all living and being to faith in Christ. Commit all aspects to Him – the intellect, emotions, and the will. Purpose to know Him, to love Him, and to obey Him. Learn the discipline to walk with God by focusing on the importance of the eternal and shunning the influence of the temporal.

Abide in the knowledge of God: think on His word, think on His glory, confess sin immediately, thank Him for the blessing received, trust Him for the prayer heard, and praise Him for the goodness enjoyed. If the sense of wonder in God never diminishes, then the Christian will grow in conformity to God rather than to the world. Allow the Word to craft your personal beliefs for then you can properly shape your behavior. Good theology will cause someone to become less self-centered and to become more God-centered. I pray that each Christian will faithfully reflect upon the greatness of God and project that goodness to others while here on this earth!

My Prayer for Today:
Heavenly Father,
As I think on You, help me to gravitate to Your greatness and goodness. This study of Your majesty has further opened my eyes to the magnificence of Your holiness. I now see more clearly who you are, and I truly love you more dearly, and I seek to follow you more nearly. I pray that your grace will support me as I seek to make changes to my life that will further bring glory to You. Holy Father, You are the most worthy object of worship! I pray that you will help me to become more focused on You and Your greatness. Help me to be a reflection of Your goodness to others that they may also glorify You! In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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