Sharing Your Testimony

Howbeit Jesus suffered him not, but saith unto him, Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee. – Mark 5:19

Have you ever shared your story of how you trusted Christ as your savior? Every Christian has a personal testimony! Sharing your personal story of how and when you accepted Christ and received forgiveness is a powerful way to express your joy for Jesus and to witness to your faith. There is much value and importance in both knowing and presenting your personal testimony, especially as a part of a gospel presentation. A personal testimony cannot replace the gospel, but it can complement the gospel in many ways because it is unique and communicates the gospel in an interesting way.

A personal testimony can be powerful because it is ready, relevant, and revealing. First, the testimony that is known through and through is always ready to be shared. Have you taken the time to remember the time when you accepted Christ? It is profound to reflect upon what the Lord has done for you in your life, and it is important to remember key points of your experience that brought you to the Savior. Ask yourself questions like:

  • What was my life like before Christ?
  • How did I realize that I needed Christ?
  • How did I became a Christian?
  • How does Christ helps me in my daily life?

Knowing your testimony well will make sure it is always ready to go, especially since your testimony is always available to be shared at any time. Sharing your faith, also called evangelism, is simply “one beggar telling another beggar where to get food.” Someone who shares the gospel should always be ready to share such vital information with the others “beggars” who are sinners and in need of Christ for salvation. Because evangelism is an “everywhere” activity, evangelism must involve doing, being, and telling the gospel. Therefore, a ready testimony is always helpful as you go about the routines of your life.

When your testimony is known thoroughly and shared it becomes relevant to the recipient. A testimony is a unique experience had by any believer that, when shared, can facilitate personal application of gospel truths when you share your story of faith. There is much power in sharing what God has done in your life to restore your “blind eyes” to sight through the gospel. Sharing the aspects of your life’s “B.C.” (before Christ, that time before you were saved) as well as the “A.D.” (the time after you got saved) can be instrumental in helping others to understand the lifestyle of sin compared to the lifestyle of godliness available through Christ.

Knowing and sharing your personal testimony is revealing. The sharing of your testimony is like showing a mirror that reveals the lifestyle of an unbeliever. When you make a clear break with sin through repentance from sin and faith toward Christ someone can see for themselves that their blindness must also be removed.

A good testimony will be relived as it is retold. When you bring your story of faith to life, the listener will experience the story as well. Remember and refresh your testimony in your mind in order to keep it helpful for others. Be sure to speak conversationally and naturally.  Be sure to use words that will be understandable by someone who has no religious or church experience.  Doing so will most greatly aid the reception of the story and its key concepts.  You can share your testimony in just a couple of minutes by keeping it simple and sweet.

If you are saved, then you have a personal story of faith. Reflect upon what the Lord has done for your and refresh your story so you can be prepared to share it with others. You have a personal testimony that can be shared with power and persistence with those who also need Christ when it matters and where it matters most.

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