Believe Jesus!

Biographies are a great way to get to know famous or influential people no matter when they lived. Some of the most life-changing books in my life have been biographies about harrowing missionaries, courageous soldiers, and persuasive presidents. Through these stories, we can get to know our heroes better while also being challenged to grow in our faith.  We must recognize that also have another amazing biography. The inspired and inspiring story of Jesus Christ. Many have asked the questions, “Who is Jesus?” and “Why is He so important?”  How you answer these questions will determine the outcome of your eternity, but also of your daily decisions. Because the answers are so important, we must turn to the witness of the best biography ever written – the Bible – to discover vital information about Jesus. If you want to know Jesus, then you must listen to the witnesses of Jesus’s personal life:
“No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.” – John 1:18
The first witness is the witness of Jesus himself.  Jesus is “the only begotten Son” who shared intimate fellowship with the Father.  Jesus was in the beginning with God because Jesus is God.  He alone has experienced the fullness of an unbound and unbroken relationship with God, so Jesus alone can fully “declare” him.  Jesus came into the world as a human person in order to explain and demonstrate the character of the Father.  Jesus is the only One capable of doing this because no one else has seen or experienced the Father in the way that Jesus did.
Experiencing something firsthand cannot be underrated.  My family and I enjoy traveling, but I’ve been places where they were not able to join me.  While I’m traveling alone I take pictures and buy souvenirs. I try to collect a funny story or two about my experiences to share with my friends and family when I get back.   People want to know what it was like to visit that particular place, and because I’ve been there I can tell them about it.  The same is true of Jesus Christ.  He has literally been there – to heaven and with the Father – and He alone answer the most probing questions of life.  Mankind has a yearning to know God, to find peace, and to hope in heaven. Because Jesus knows and declares the Father, we must believe Him!
Believing in Jesus – that is, putting your complete, unreserved confidence in Him for the forgiveness of sins – has a dramatic effect.  In fact, the effect is so radical that it changes the very standing of a sinner in the eyes of God.  To all who will believe him, “to them gave he power to become sons of God…” (John 1:12).   The message of Christ is the full rescue from sin as he delivers through his cleansing blood for salvation and by his abiding presence for sanctification.  Simply put, Jesus will clean you up and keep you up.  Have you believed on Jesus?  “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:31).  If you have never trusted Christ for the forgiveness of sins, don’t delay!  Trust Jesus and experience his life-changing and heaven-claiming good news today!

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