Behold Jesus!

After believing on Christ for the forgiveness of sins, you can now go further in your understanding of Jesus by understanding the witness of the apostles.
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”
The Lord Jesus came in human form to explain and demonstrate the character and nature of the Father, and that glory was clearly observable by his followers.   Who better than Jesus to do so?  He is the fullness of God and the very presence of God dwelling among people.  Jesus reveals the glory of God.  If you want to know what the Father is like just look to His Son.  The disciples wanted to know, so they made sure to “behold him.”  And if you want to know then you must “behold Him” as well.  Examine him thoroughly!
Many people struggle with examining anything.  The work involved in studying someone or something is often met with lethargy or complacency.  Yet if we are going to learn more of Jesus we must behold Him and study his life.  We must become students who yearn to be taught, not the students who roll their eyes at homework.  Becoming this type of student is easy if we recall the riches we have in Christ.  Like explorers searching for hidden treasure, we must look to claim the beautiful treasures we have in Jesus.  The riches in knowing Christ are love and acceptance, fulfillment and purpose.  Can these riches be found in any other?  To a limited degree, we may find them in people or projects while on this earth, but Jesus is the infinite source of all these blessings.  No one can match His amazing grace.  Only Jesus Christ is “full of grace and truth.”
Why seek riches in any other?  The problem is that our focus is often locked on to life around us rather than Christ above us.
When we behold Jesus we determine to shift our focus to Him and desire to find out everything we can about Him.  We will find ourselves asking questions like, “How did Jesus live?” “What principles governed His life?” and “What did He teach to others?”  We will contemplate the changes that occurred in the lives of his disciples, and wonder if similar changes could happen in us.  When we start to find our curiosity growing and our focus turning to the Scriptures to find the answers we will see that we have applied the same actions as the apostles – we have chosen to behold Him in all of His glory.
Have you taken time to “behold Him” today?  Are you treasuring and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ in your daily walk with Him?  Just like the disciples, we can behold the Lord through opening the Scriptures to examine His life.  Take time today to “behold Him!”

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