Redeem the Time!

Ephesians 5:16 – Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Click here to hear Pastor Joe Martin encourage you to redeem the time!

Let’s have a fresh start today!  No matter what has happened in the past, let’s focus on what can happen in the here and now.

The key to redeeming the time is a choice.  Let’s choose to seek first God’s kingdom during this challenging time.

Here are 52 creative ways to connect with God.  There’s something here for everyone.  If you have an idea then drop a comment below and we’ll keep the list going.

  1. Paint your prayers – make art an act of worship
  2. Rewrite your favorite Christian song
  3. Take your quiet time outdoors
  4. Rewrite a Psalm in your own words
  5. Listen to your Bible – use an app like
  6. Memorize Scripture
  7. Start a prayer list or use an old prayer or church bulletin
  8. Create a journal to collect your thoughts while reading your Bible
  9. Read a small bible book – you can get big wisdom from little letters
  10. Count your blessings
  11. Pray while walking around the block
  12. Put Psalms to music
  13. Listen to worship from different countries; it is a preview of heaven
  14. Pray in various postures – sitting, standing, kneeling, etc
  15. Use your imagination as you read the Bible to picture the scene – Joshua marching, Paul writing, disciples rowing, etc.
  16. Study church history
  17. Read scripture out loud
  18. Take prayer breaks – set an alarm on your phone
  19. Read 3 chapters of the Bible each day
  20. Fast from food and use meal times to pray
  21. Wake up early to pray in silence
  22. Clean out your house to find items to donate to those in need
  23. Practice solitude – get away from everything and everyone to the extent possible
  24. Make a list of God’s characteristics and reflect on how each one has touched your life
  25. Research proposed legislation and pray over it
  26. Seek out a prayer warrior who will pray for you during tough seasons of life
  27. Write down what’s heavy on your heart and pray over it
  28. Write down what you want to do to serve the Lord and pray over it
  29. Email missionaries and get to know them
  30. Pray for and act upon divine appointments
  31. Act out Bible stories with your children
  32. Look through old pictures to see how God has moved in different seasons of your life; think about the people and situations he used to draw you closer to him
  33. Have a morning meditation – Psalm 5:3 – to get your heart moving toward God
  34. Sing a song of praise when you awake
  35. Write down your thoughts during the day to pray over later
  36. Study art of biblical scenes or characters
  37. Thank God for who he is, not just what he does
  38. Use a commentary as you study the Bible
  39. Study a Bible book and examine one small portion at a time, recording your observations
  40. Observe nature, write down your thoughts, and pray over new insights into God
  41. Read about the character of God (e.g. A.W. Tozer’s “The Knowledge of the Holy”)
  42. Listen to podcasts and sermons
  43. Pray about what’s on your mind in the minutes (or hours) in bed before you go to sleep
  44. Divide prayer requests into 7 days so you can pray daily
  45. Pray through the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)
  46. Tell stories to your children from your Christian life
  47. After reading a passage make SMART goals to help you take action to live biblically (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound)
  48. Share with someone what God did for you that day – make this a daily habit
  49. Sketch-note your biblical reflections
  50. Set up a place for physical reminders of God’s faithfulness (pictures, souvenirs, symbols, tokens, memorabilia, etc.)
  51. Text a prayer to someone for whom you prayed
  52. Have a cup of coffee and speak with Jesus – out loud as if having a conversation

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