Faithfully Following God

Genesis 6:22 – Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.

An extraordinary assignment was presented to Noah.  The undertaking to build a massive seaworthy vessel to preserve both human and animal life had never before been required. Yet before the earth’s immorality would be flooded, both by water and God’s judgment, God made a covenant with Noah to ensure a new beginning for life.

Noah received everything he needed to know.  God explained the situation (6:11-12, the assignment (6:14-17), and the objective (6:18-21).  God did his part.  Would Noah do his?  Noah was left to respond.  Would he do according to all that the Lord told him?  One could say, “Well, surely, he would given that he was a just man mature in his faith” (6:9).  True, but there are many believers who balk at God’s calling in their lives.  “Yes,” you may reply, “but Noah walked with God.”  And yet some cease to walk with God when the stakes become too high or the cost becomes too much.  The construction of the ark was no minor undertaking.  Noah would have to redirect his life and labor to focus entirely on his new mission.  He would have a total change of vocation.  He would have to have the faith that his self-denial and willingness to complete God’s plan would result in God’s glory, even if it came at great cost to himself.  While scholars differ on the length of time it took to complete the ark, one thing is for sure about Noah.  He expended his most precious resource: the years of his life.  Even in a time when people lived longer lives, the magnitude of this project would consume his days for a period of many decades.  Yet, this was his opportunity to complete a special calling that would give mankind a fresh start and hope for the future.

Noah was faithful before this calling, and he determined to be faithful when he received new direction from the Lord.  Jesus’ disciples as called to do no less as well.  We must exercise faith in the Lord as we deny our plans and purposes in life in order to fulfill the greater purpose of God’s will for our lives.  Whatever you believe to be the will of God then do it to the fullest of your abilities.  If that means making significant changes then take courage and trust God.  If it means reimagining what life could look like then have faith and follow God.  If it means learning new things and taking on new challenges then take comfort and hope in God.  When God leads you to it, rest assured that he will guide you through it.  “Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.” I pray that our names could likewise be written into such a sentence as we decide to faithfully follow Jesus.

Daily Reading: Genesis 6:9-22
Bible Reading Challenge: 21 Days on Faith

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