Have Faith in the Creator

Genesis 15:6 – And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness.

Abram was facing a perplexing dilemma.  God had promised him an heir (Genesis 12:1-3), but as yet no heir had been provided (15:2).  Abram mused that God could perhaps resort to a technicality that would make Eliezer his heir, but the Lord would do no such thing.  Why should he?  God “doubled down” on his promise and emphasized that Abram and Sarai would have a biological child despite their old age.  What convinced Abram that this promise was actually going to be kept?  God directed Abram’s attention to creation (15:5). The Lord is the One who created all aspects of nature, and he is the One who can create life through an elderly couple despite bleak circumstances.  God spoke the stars into existence; certainly he could guarantee Abram’s seed.  Abram believed despite all odds because he believed the Creator had the power, and he did indeed become the father of many nations (15:6, Romans 4:18).

Strength for your faith could be gained as simply as looking up to gaze upon the starlit skies.  The Lord cast the stars upon the darkness as a jeweler nestling diamonds upon black velvet.  God has often directed his people to remember his power by reflecting upon his creation (Isaiah 40:1-31 – notice the discussion of wilderness, valleys, rivers, mountains, grass, flowers, trees, eagles, and more!).  Creation reveals God’s unmatched power and declares his absolute rule over the world (Romans 1:20).

The source of your encouragement could be as close as your backyard or viewed easily through a window.  Is your faith struggling?  Reflect on the power of God revealed in his ability to create.  Jesus made everything, and he gives grace and truth to us (John 1:3, 16-17).  Take courage and have faith in Jesus.  You can trust your loving Creator to help you as you face your own perplexing dilemmas in life.

Daily Reading: Genesis15:1-6, Romans 4:13-25
Bible Reading Challenge: 21 Days on Faith

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