Practical Competencies Needed for Ministry

Competent ministers will develop proficiency in pedagogy in order to construct a teaching-learning milieu that provides various courses of action to achieve life-changing discipleship and promotes ascendance into a state of Christ-like living.

Spiritual Competencies Needed for Ministry

The most knowledgeable minister must progress in their proficiency by obtaining spiritual competencies to nurture and sustain every aspect of his ministry.  The foremost spiritual competency is appreciating the love of God.  Jesus Christ explained that the greatest commandment is to love God, and the second greatest commandment is to love one’s neighbor as oneself…

Scholastic Competencies Needed for Ministry

The demands upon ministers of 21st Century churches have never before been so diverse. In light of the demanding activities ministers must gain and maintain proficiency in several major areas of ministry. Ministers must cultivate scholastic, spiritual, and practical competencies in order to care for the needs of God’s people.